• Twin Booster Direct Water Pump
Twin Booster Direct Water Pump
Twin Booster Direct Water Pump

Direct flow pump is ideally use in wide range of reverse osmosis system. Direct flow pumps have good and stable performance in high flow RO systems. Direct flow pump can be used in commercial, agricultural or industrial applications where high flow rates are required.

Model No. C-152-1
Description Twin Booster Direct Water Pump
Standard Flow: 5.21/6.26LPM, Pressure: 150psi
DC/36/48 (Direct Current)
(If combined with 36VDC:Water output 6LPM)
(If combined with 48VDC:Water output 8LPM)
The difference between the two combinations is the motor speed
Maximum pressure: 150psi
Maximum output flow: 4.60L/min

High Flow Rate
Flow: 6.0/8.0LPM, Pressure: 150psi
DC/36/48 (Direct Current)

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