(P/N:1193023) 9-7/8" Purtrex Sediment Depth Filter - 5 Mic (PX05-9 7/8)

The Purtrex Sediment Depth Filter is long service life, high purity effect and low change-out frequency.

Produced through GE's patented melt blown microfiber technology, GE Purtrex is a 100% pure polypropylene epth filter with exceptional dirt-holding capacity. Purtrex contains no agents, solvents, or binders, and meets the FDA for food and beverage contact.

Model No. B-101-2
Description (P/N:1193023) 9-7/8" Purtrex Depth Cartridge Filters - 5 Mic (PX05-9 7/8)
Size 9 7/8 x 2.5 inch
Specification The Purtrex depth cartridge filter fits standard 10in Housings. PP filter has a multi-layered microscopic PP fiber using unique melt-blown technology. Its graded pore structure ensures high dirt holding capacity so that it allows maximum usage of the entire filter's depth. As it has high chemical-resisance and heat-resistance, it is excellent for purifying medicines and high-purity chemicals.
Material Filter media: Graded layer of 100% polypropylene micro fiber
Pore size: 1 & 5 (micron)

9 7/8 x 2.5 inch