Cut-Down Pressure Valve / Plastic
Model No. C-291-9
Description Cut-Down Pressure Valve (Plastic)
Standard In-Out Size: 1/4" NPT


1.Fnd out the Inlet/Outlet by the arrowhead.

2.Install the water switch to the inlet of the Cut-Down Pressure Valve. (The water switch has to shut off first)

3.Install the WATER PRESSURE GAUGE & the BALL VALVE to the outlet of the Cut-Down Pressure Valve. (need to shut off the BALL VALVE first)

4.Pull the Round Button of the Cut-Down Pressure Valve slowly, and stop the action once hearing “Ka” sound.

5.Open the water switch, and make sure whether the figure showing on the water pressure gauge is exceeded our needs of pressure figure or not.

6.If the pressure figure is exceeded our needs, we have to turn the Round Button by clockwise till can not truning anymore, then open the ball valve from the outlet, the pressure will be cut down, and the pressure figure will become 0 PSI after close the ball valve.

7.Next, we have to adjust the Round Button by anti-clockwise to our needs pressure figure, open the ball valve, and close it once the pressure cutting down, then adjust a little bit to our needs pressure figure is fine.

8.If all actions above are finished, then put the Round Button back, and you can install the outlet of the Cut-Down Pressure Valve to the production.

1.The inlet pressure of the Cut-Down Pressure Valve is 200 PSI
2.The outlet pressure can adjust to the range of 0~80 PSI

1/4” NPT