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Ozone (O3) has a unique odor, pale blue at high concentrations, with a strong spicy flavor, the proportion of stratospheric ozone containing about 90%. In nature, forests, oceans, mountains, etc. exist at most, although it is not the main component of the atmosphere, but it is the protection against any UV damage for the Earth's surface biological. O is an oxygen atom of a chemical element, the most stable existence is two oxygen atoms combined to oxygen O2; Earth's atmosphere has about 20% oxygen (80% nitrogen N2), ozone O3 is composed of three oxygen atoms, relative to oxygen O2, the ozone O3 is unstable state, ozone O3 is very easy to react with other elements. Ozone is combined with minor ions under a very unstable state, which decompose rapidly at normal temperature, because the reduction of oxygen, the oxygen atom freed, called "nascent oxygen," it is a very active oxidizing, highly reactive, oxidizing power behind fluorine, and is 3000 times of chlorine, the ozone reduction function, complete sterilization, deodorant, chemical toxicity, and preservation.

  • Water sterilization: to eliminate "chlorine" substances in the water, for safety drinking, and against cancer.
  • Detoxification fruits and vegetables: can effectively remove the residual pesticides and poison chemicals.
  • Clean air: can effectively remove the bathroom bad air and fishy, musty, sterilization, deodorant in the kitchen.
  • Bathing Beauty: use superoxide water to wash face, bath, capable of activating epidermal cells, bleach the skin, and remove pimples, spots.
  • Aquarium sterilization: can effectively solve the algal blooms, fungi breeding, fish will not easy to get sick.
  • Room disinfection: can quickly eliminate indoor air bad smell, bacteria, viruses, and ensure that make air fresh indoor always.
  • Fish preservation: can easily remove hormones of the meat, antibiotics, and can control bacterial growth, prevent food spoilage.


Use in the water: Be sure to maintain in good indoor ventilation, and pay attention to ozone concentration control. 

Air disinfection use: Will be more dangerous used in the air, do not use indoors, and need to wait at least one hour after ozone machine closed, then can go inside and immediately open the windows. Recommend to place up high when using, and open the fan, so that ozone disinfection is uniformly dispersed in the room. If used in the car, it is better to open the windows, in order to avoid excessive inhalation of ozone.

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