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Cheap Water Purification Technology Developed In Switzerland May Solve Flint Water Crisis

Swiss scientists presented a cheap water purification process that remove water impurities by up to 99 percent and could solve the Flint water crisis. For at least a year, high levels of lead have contaminated Flint's water supply affecting over 100,000 reside...

Developments in Filter Technology for Appropriate Water Treatment

Introduction Water is increasingly a precious resource, so suitable treatment of municipal or industrial waste water is vital to realize maximum water recyclability, while reducing the use of valuable drinking water, processed at a high cost. Efficient treatm...

How to Make a DIY Water Filter for Your Home

Can we really overstate the importance of water? There is nothing we put in our bodies, not medicine, not food, not vitamins, as imperative to living as is water. A body can go without food for more than three weeks, but try to make it a week without water and...


About granular activated carbon Granular activated carbon (GAC) is a hybrid mixture of a wide variety of graphite platelets that are interconnected by nongraphitic carbon bonding. The adsorptive capacity of GAC makes it ideal for removing a variety of contami...
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