Whole House Water Filtration

Where should we install Whole House Water Filtration? If your filter includes Activated Carbon (which can eliminate Chlorine), you should install Filtration System in the Outlet of water tower not in the Inlet. You will have questions for why can’t I install in the Inlet? It can decrease the times of cleaning water tower, doesn’t it? The Answer is: The tap water which has been eliminated Chlorine will breeding germs when they are in the water tower! Taiwan Water Corporation adds Chlorine in the tap water in order to prevent breeding germs. If the tap water is without protection of Chlorine, Escherichia Coli and other bacteria will increase fast with time. The way to solve this problem is to install PP Sediment filter in the Inlet of water tower to filter the dusts. This way can not only decrease the times of washing tower but also keep water tower clean. 

In the outlet of water tower, you should use filters like Activated Carbon, KDF…etc. to prevent absorbing residual chlorine and heavy metals by skin. Moreover, you can also use Resin filter to avoid scale in the pipe, extend the use-life of water equipment at home.  

What is the advantage of installing Whole House Water Filtration? 

* Skin will not hurt by absorbing residual chlorine during the shower. (Absorbing residual chlorine will make skin dry and allergic reaction)

* You will not absorbing residual chlorine when washing face and brushing teeth. (Residual chlorine will create THMs when being heated.)

* Your clothes will not stick residual chlorine, reduce allergic reaction to skin.

* Can extend service life of Water Filtration System. No more syrup taste in drinking water. 

* Residual chlorine will not absorb by fruits and vegetables any more.