Storage Tank

The storage tank would be divided into three types: iron paint tank, plastic tank, stainless steel tank.

How to know that what kinds of storage tank is the healthiest for installation?

  • Storage tank is not produced in a clean room, so the first thing is need to flow out the first bucket of water after installation for achieving the purpose of cleaning the tank.
  • Storage tank outlet are generally upward installation, but usually recommend that users make the outlet facing down, which would require a support base because our water is only through a RO membrane, it is not a 100% pure water, there will inevitably be some tiny impurities flowing into the tank. If the outlet installed down, the impurities inside of tank would flow out with the water when open the outlet, and prevented accumulation in the tank.
  • If the using amount is not a lot, recommending flow out completely all the water from the tank every once in a while. Users can leave a empty mineral water bucket (family number type), use this bucket to install home-using water dispenser, then filling an entire family number type of water bucket over and over again, so that the water of tank can be flowed out completely.

How to choose the storage tank?

  • The rubber septum of storage tank is a very important part, the rubber is made of oil refining, for use in household water systems subject to vulcanized rubber and high-temperature baking again, so that it can remove the taste and the rubber vulcanization process itself is used pharmaceutical, device processing needs such a large investment, generally small scale compared with no such device manufacturer. If the tank out of the water with bad smell, be sure to eliminate it, or not to buy an unknown manufacturer tanks.
  • Storage tank is a pressure vessel, under normal conditions, it is safe and security, but if improper installation or use, it is still quite dangerous. In the European market, the user’s safety is a quite attention issue, PED in CE certification, there are strict specifications. For storage tank, NSF58 is poison testing, CE / PED is the structural strength of the product for testing, consumers buy a double-certified storage tank on health and safety have double protection. Our selling storage tank has CE and NSF58 two-double-certification.

Storage tank breakdown:

  • Tank is heavy but no water comes out: there are two kinds of situation, one the rubber is broken, the other one is the relief of the pressing wind mouth water flow out, which means the rubber is broken, please replace a new one tank. However, if no water comes out, please fill in gas till proper pressure, after that, if still not working well, please replace a new one.
  • Sometimes no breakdown but the water comes out small, maybe the in-line post Filter is blocked, then please remove, or replace a new one post filter.
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