Water Dispenser

In Taiwan, the water dispenser has become the basic & convenient equipment for offices, institutions, and families drinking water. Due to various brands of different designs, different water quality of the region needs to have the water to boil drinking and raw water barrier function.

Hot water - After adding raw water tank of cold water through the heater after boiling raw, stored in a hot water tank.

Warm water - Stored the filtered water in warm water tank directly; or hot water to boil in a tank after tank inflow temperature cooled, there are two kinds of cooling way:

(1) Let the natural cooling.

(2) Warm water tank immersed in raw water tank, using raw water temperature in the tank to reduce the temperature of the hot water tank, water temperature can be increased raw shorten boiling time, consumers can drink warm water.

Cold water is through the compressor using refrigerant heat exchange principle, so that the hot water becomes cold water.

Drinking water dispenser supply, the water temperature is divided into three categories of selection:

  • Single-use: a single cold water type, single warm water type, single hot water type.
  • Two-use: can be divided into cold + hot water type, warm + hot water type.
  • Three-use: including cold + warm + hot water type.

Water dispenser is recommended to use a single socket, especially with water filters inside, need to clean and replace the filters regularly. Due to the water quality of region with different hardness, in order to avoid scale deposition, the water tank also need to be cleaned regularly, please noticed that when cleaning up or down abandoned waste, do not let water run into the circuit control board in order to avoid wasted IC board, let you lose a fountain.

Water dispenser is designed for opening without pressure, no danger of explosion cylinder, digital panel saving time setting. Most of water dispensers also are designed with children's anti-hot design, use for safety. Furthermore, some of water dispensers adopt stainless steel body, practical and beautiful, with hot water and then boiling function, tea, hot soak convenient and safe. Most of water dispensers also in line with the national drinking water standards, test bacteria assurance of conformity.

All the water dispensers in our company are MADE IN TAIWAN. New monopoly – Ceramic constant heating appliance, Number of monopoly: No. 386467, using the Ceramic constant heating appliance could isolate from water. The way of heating is using indirect heat. It would not cause secondary pollution as traditional way of direct heating. Unlike the traditional way of heating is to put the heater into water directly to boil water. After a period of time, the heater would be electroplated and produce harmful heavy metals. (Copper, Chlorine, Chromium, Plumbum) The harmful heavy metals would affect the quality of water and harm your health over a long time.