• 10" Manganese Greensand Filter
10" Manganese Greensand Filter
10" Manganese Greensand Filter
Product Code B-205-4
Product Name 10" Manganese Greensand Filter

※Main function in water filtration
Generally used in underground water or water source that contain high iron and manganese
※Principle of iron and manganese sand filtration
Manganese Greensand uses oxidation principle to remove iron and manganese ions in water

※Function of Manganese Greensand
It can absorb iron and manganese ions dissolved in water, and removing dissolved iron and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in water.
It uses the principle of oxidation to filter dissolved iron and precipitate manganese particles, and emission these particles during backwashing.
Thus, the water filtration system must set a fix period of backwash for regular discharge.
Manganese sand must be regenerated regularly with potassium permanganate (KMnO4), otherwise it will lose its oxidizing ability after a period of time.

Manganese Greensand has four excellent functions:
1.High effective of adsorption that will never fall off, thus its strong coal oxidation ability is good for removing iron and manganese.
2.Catalytic oxidation and filtration are progressing at the same time, which can extend the life of the agent.
3.Low installation cost with large filtration pores and quick filtration, filtration system can also be miniaturized to save spaces.
4.Using underground well water directly, can reduce spaces of tank.

Filter Sizes:
Standard : 10", 20"
Big Blue : 10", 20"

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