What is Water Filter Cartridge

Water filter cartridges are the central part of the water purification system which controls the type of water that the system will produce. The water purification unit houses this cartridge and connects the water filter cartridges with each other.

The most commonly used water filter cartridge is PP Sediment filter and Carbon filter. PP Sediment filter is usually made up of pleated polyesters, cellulose fibers or other porous ceramic materials. It is low cost but with high efficiency. It has the ability to remove solid particles such as sand, mud, asbestos, silt, and turbidity from the water. It is normally categorized by the size of the particles they can be removed(1micron, 5micron, 10micron, etc). The smaller the micron (a thousandth of a millimeter)it is, the smaller particle it can be filtered.

Carbon filter is another type of filter which has been used very commonly. They are generally composed of activated carbon or carbon block. The main function is to de-chlorinate water, herbicides/pesticides, radon and toluene in the water. Carbon cartridges remove finer particles and helps clarify the water and remove taste and odor in the water.

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