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  • 500gpd RO Membrane, Tankless RO System, Ankless RO System
500gpd RO Membrane, Tankless RO System, Ankless RO System

The 500gpd Reverse Osmosis Membrane is specially used with our AW-1901 Tankless RO system. The water production is 500gallon per day, about 1.30liter per minute. It is suitable for both home use and commercial use; it is suitable for coffee shop, office use and restaurant. The AW-1901 RO system is designed without a water storage tank, because people preferring an all in one design and the water storage tank occupy large spaces in the kitchen. The AW-1901 does not need a water storage tank as it could produce high water production with stable water pressure; and the clean water is connected directly to a water faucet.

The 500gpd RO membrane is the core of an osmosis water system. The membrane is able to remove impurities up to 99%, which included bacteria, organic contaminants, chemical residue and heavy metal. RO membrane can remove the "hardness components" from the source water. This means that the RO membrane will remove primarily calcium and magnesium and other carbonates. RO membrane is made from an extremely tight sheet of a specially prepared filtering film that water is forced through under pressure. Water filtered by RO membrane is clean and safe to be drink directly.

The RO membrane has a longer lifespan comparing to traditional type of water filter. The RO membrane can be used for about 24-36months. With the controlling of printed wiring board (PCB) board, the AW-1901 Tankless RO system will have beeps sound when a filter replacement is needed. This helps user replace the filter on time and drinking clean water all the time. With enhanced filtration capabilities and extended filter life, the 500gpd RO membrane is an essential filter for achieving optimal water purification. The AW-1901 with 500gpd high water production is a good choice for people who are looking for a small sizes and high efficient RO system.

**lifespan of water filter is depends on water quality and water usage.

Model No. B-300-1

[AW-1901 RO Membrane]

500G R0 Membrane: meets EU RoHS (EU) Standard
- Removal rate : 95~99%
- Water Production: 500GPD

-High flow design, design for high water consumption and tankless RO system
-Remove ador, color, chlorine, pesticide residues and carcinogen chloroform effectively.
-Removal rate up to 95% for all impurities.

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