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Shower Filter【A-181-2 & A-181-3 & A-181-4】 

Faucet Filter 【A-189-10 & A-189-12】

4 Media:

Infrared Stone & KDF & CaSO3 & Active Carbon


  • The Filtration System is light, small, convenient to carry and easy to install.
  • The Filtration System is easy and fast to install the machine. You don't need to use special tool and put in plumbing.
  • The transparent housing design makes the Filtration System easy to detect when you need to replace the filters.
  • Please replaces the cartridge every 6~12 months for keeping water in good quality.
  • Service Life: It depends of Day-Using water quantity.

Operating Specification:

  • Input Pressure- Minimum: 5psi.
  • Maximum: 60psi (5kg/cm)2.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: it depends on what kinds of filters you use.

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