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  • 3-Stage Disposable Water Purifier
3-Stage Disposable Water Purifier
3-Stage Disposable Water Purifier
Model No. A-124-6
Description 3-Stage Disposable Water Purifier
  • With Auto Shut Off Valve
  • L Type Faucet is optional
  • Filter is Optional as below:
    B-217-12 Twist-In Disposable PP Filter (Translucent)
    B-217-14 Twist-In Disposable GAC Filter
    B-217-15 Twist-In Disposable CTO Filter
    B-217-16 Twist-In Disposable Resin Filter
    B-217-18 Twist-In Disposable UF Filter
    B-217-20 Twist-In Disposable DI Filter (MAKE WATER BECOME 0 PPM)
    B-217-22 Twist-In Disposable PH Filter
For more information, please check: http://www.aquawin.com.tw/category/disposable-filters.htm

3stage cheap water purifier

easy replacement water filter

water filter with auto shut off valve

table top water purifier

  • With Water Stop Valve
  • C-934-4 L Faucet Is Optional
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