1-Stage Filtration System ( Twist Style ) 3/8”
Model No. A-125-13
Description 1-Stage Filtration System ( Twist Style ) 3/8”
Simple and economical kitchen filter - countertop installation.
The replaceable inside Filter is optional as bellows:
Ceramic Filters (The filter is made with 0.2~0.4 micron hole diameter. So it can filter bacteria, silt, suspension in water, cystobacter, pathogen, and virus. ) Further reference for Ceramic Filter at 
Easy to service, install directly on the kitchen faucet.
It is suitable for using in the kitchens, bathrooms, garages, yachts, cabins, and so on.
1/4" Candle Type White Housing x 1
Faucet x 1
Faucet adapter x 1
Water pressure (PSI/kg/cm2): 8~125 / 0.6~8.6
The highest flow capacity: 1.0gpm
Endurable temp.: 45oC