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  • 20” PP Furrow Filter (1u)
20” PP Furrow Filter (1u)
20" PP Furrow Filter (1u)
Model No. B-119-11
Description 20" PP Furrow Filter (1u)
Size About (L)508mm / (W)64mm
Specification The feature of Filter:
PP filter has a multi-layered microscopic PP fiber using SP&P*s unique melt-blown technology. Its graded pore structure ensures high dirt holding capacity so that it allows maximum usage of the entire filter's depth. As it has high chemical-resisance and heat-resistance, it is excellent for purifying medicines and high-purity chemicals.
Material: Filter media: Graded layer of 100% polypropylene micro fiber
Lengths: 5", 10", 20", 30", 40"......
Pore size: 1 & 5 & 10 & 20 (micron)

About (L) 508mm/ (W) 64mm

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