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  • Water Ionizer Replacement Filter (HY-720)
Water Ionizer Replacement Filter (HY-720)
The Replacement of HY-720
Japanese titanium electrolyte slot.
Four section of alkaline water, one section of pure water and one section of acid water.
Adopt Japanese Kobe Steel, suit the environment for use, such as voltage, water quality in Taiwan.
5 sections style touches accuse operate interface
Filter with silver anti-bacteria active carbon fiber filter
•Latest science and technology high-quality drinking water design accord with and catch the standard of drinking.
•Clean water treatment with high capacity and efficiency: But the very small polluter, such as chlorine, chemicals, agriculture chemical residual poison, etc. in the adsorbed water.
Electrolyte solt clean water function
•10 seconds immediate and automatic cleaning of electrolyte slot after each operation.
•Intelligent automatic recording after each 50liter usage, red signal will display to inform compulsory cleaning.
•Double protection electrolyte slot cleaning to enhance electrode life and restore electrical stability after each use Cleansing.
Standard model (Home model)
Model HY-720
Voltage AC : 110V/220V (Customer made product) 50HZ/60HZ
Power consumption about 360W (max.)
Electrolyte material weld type titanium electrolyte slot with ceramic foils
(3 foils and 4 slots)
Inlet water pressure 1 ~ 6.5kg/cm2
Electrolyte method Continuous electrolyte method (flow meter built in)
Protection fittings Fuse 10A and circuit : 2A current over heating protection and built in transformer type temperature protector.
Electrolyte ideal water processing 2L/min : {inlet water pressure 0.1MPa(about 1kgf/cm2)} water outflow 3.5L/min : {inlet water pressure0.2MPa (about 2kgf/cm2)} electrolyte ability 4 section, acid 1 section. pure 1 section automatic electrolyte pole cleansing and each 50L usage will trigger warning for enforced cleansing.
Host Size (about) height 330mm x width 210mm x depth 125mm
Weight about : 4kg
Water purifier Total waterflow : about 6000L 5.0L/min. water purifying capability : de-chloride, trihalomethanes and odor.
Max. water temp. in continuous use Below 40 °C
Length of wire about 9 feet
Installs hole 42 ~ 45mm
Please use tab water as water source (do not use underground water or mountain spring water).
Acid water is for facial cleaning, normal washing, bacteria prevention use. Do not drink them.
PH described here are for reference only which can change according to different water properties, water flow and voltage in different area.

Service Life: About 12 months

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