Twist-In Disposable PH Filter

Twist-In Disposable PP Filter Flow Direction

Flow Direction

Model No. B-217-22
Description Twist-In Disposable PH Filter

Dwater and attach to the beads.

Technical Specifications:
•  Max. Flow rate: 250L/24H
•  Max. Pressure: 6bar
•  Temperature Range: 51°C
•  Balance pH: pH8.00~9.50

Cations in filtered water:
•Ca2+: 55mg/l
•Mg2+: 18mg/l
•Na+: 22mg/l
•K+: 8.5mg/l

Cations in filtered water:
•CO32-: 8mg/l
•CO42-: 0.2mg/l
•Cl-: 0.6mg/l
•F-: 0.03mg/l 

( L ) 275mm / ( D ) 70mm