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  • PPC Filter, Activated Carbon, Compound Filter (PP+CTO)(FITS SYSTEM AW-1901)
PPC Filter, Activated Carbon, Compound Filter (PP+CTO)(FITS SYSTEM AW-1901)

The PPC filter is a combination of sediment PP + activated carbon, it is 2in1 filter. It is specially use for AW-1901 Tankless RO system. The PPC filter is made from an activated block carbon with outer coating of sediment PP material. This filter help removes remove sand, dirt, dust, solid impurities and other impurities effectively, ensuring a continuous supply of clean and safe drinking water. The sediment PP material could filter sand, dirt, dust, solid impurities and other impurities; while activated carbon could absorb chlorine, bad odor, color, improve the taste of water by removing other substances that may contribute to unpleasant tastes or odors.

Comparing to traditional type 5/6/7 stages of (RO) reverse osmosis system, the AW-1901 PPC compound filter has same filtration effect but with lesser water filter. People are going for modern, stylish and small sizes water filtration system that is suitable for small kitchen. The AW-1901 comes with small sizes and compound type filter. The combination of sediment PP and activated carbon in one filter is a trend of the modern style reverse osmosis system. People prefer to have same filtration function and filtration effect but less stages of filter. Thus, this PPC filter makes the filter replacement easier and quicker.

The PPC filter has a longer lifespan comparing to traditional type of water filter. This filter can be used for about 6-12months. With the controlling of printed wiring board (PCB) board, the AW-1901 tankless RO system will have beeps sound when a filter replacement is needed. This helps user replace the filter on time and drinking clean water all the time. With enhanced filtration capabilities and extended filter life, the sediment PP + activated carbon compound filters is an essential filter for achieving optimal water purification. The AW-1901 with PPC compound filter is a good choice for people who are looking for a RO system.

**lifespan of water filter is depends on water quality and water usage.

Model No. B-300

[AW-1901 First stage filter]
PPC filter: Activated carbon with NSF61 certification

-100% polypropylene (PP) & activated carbon filter

*Product introduction and features
-The compound filter element that combines 5 micron PP fiber filter and activated carbon which bring better filtration effect.
-PP filter is able to filter coarse sediment such as soil, rust, hair, dust and other impurities in water.
-Activated carbon can absorb odors, organic substances, chlorine, pesticide residues and other chemicals in water.

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