10" Transparent Resin Filters RSN (Recyclable)
Model No. B-301-2
Description 10" Transparent Resin Filters RSN (Recyclable)
Size (L)254mm / (W)64mm
  • This softens the water by removing the calcium and magnesium ions which cause hardness. Hard water causes the formation of scale on the heating elements of washing machines, kettles and other appliances

Total Capacity (Cation):1.92 eq/l
Water Retention Capacity (Cation):47 %
Bulk Density :0.80 g/ml
Real Density :1.26 g/ml
Particle Size Range :97 %
Uniformity Coefficient:1.6
Whole Bead Count:97
Particle Size :
> 16 : 1.0%
16x40 :97.0%
<40 : 2%

(L)254mm / (W)64mm