Stainless Steel UF Water Filter(2,000L/H) HY-UF-2000

UF (Ultra Filtration):

PP hollow fiber membrane is one of the latest generation high-tech membrane separating materials presently in the world. The membrane uses micro pore (0.01- 0.1 µm) in the membrane wall to let water or micro-molecule substance in the solution pass while stop the micro-molecule particles, colloid materials, germs and pyrogens. So the membrane has the functions of separation, concentration and purification etc.

Main Performance indices

  • Membrane material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Porosity: 40~50%
  • Membrane bore diameter: 0.01~0.1µm
  • Operation temperature: 4~40℃
  • PH: 0~14

Water Purifier Theory:

Water Filtered flows to the UF, what deletes organics such as bacteria, rust, colloid, sands, flotsam, macromolecule organism, and keeps helpful mineral substance and microelement. Finally flow from water purifier outlet becomes clean water.

Flushing Theory:

Switch of the Clean water and quickly turn on the wastewater Faucet to let the tap water flush the UF and drain the fatal elements in this filter, it can effectively prevent the impurity jam and avoid the pollution.

Model: B-312-2
Size: (L 86cm Ø 15cm)