The White Housing for Hollow Fiber Membrane 1/4" NTP

Model No. B-302-7
Description The White Housing for Hollow Fiber Membrane 1/4" NTP
Size (W)50mm / (H)250mm
Function and Characteristic:
Concentrating and separating big molecular substance, colloid, residual bacteria, algae and organic compound in the water, etc.
The filter could be used for terminal stage only when the system with appropriate pre-filter.
Wash the filter for 3-5 minutes after installed to remove protected liquid.
If the filter is clogged, please do the following:
a) Take out the filter.
b) Wash it with clean water and assisted with rubbing, twisting to clean the remainders in the filter completely.
The filter is suitable to use for the water in the city, never use it to the water that is unknown and unsafe.

Main-technical Parameter:
Bore diameter : 0.01~0.1µm
Rupture diameter : about > 145psi
Ph level : 2-14
Temperature scale for use : 4~40°C
Suggested operation pressure : about ≦ 36.25psi