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  • Water Filter Whole House, Outdoor Water Filter Manufacturer
Water Filter Whole House, Outdoor Water Filter Manufacturer
15" Big Blue Stainless Steel 3-stage Water Purifier (Standing Type)

water filter whole house cover

Whole house water filtration system is brings clean water to every water outlet in a house, included bathroom, kitchen and garden. It is usually installed at outdoor, with 2 or 3stages of water filters. Aqua-Win manufacture a wide range of water filter for outdoor water filtration, such as sediment filter, carbon filter, resin filter and deionization filter. It could remove most impurities in water such as dust, sand, odor and pesticides in water. 

Model No. A-199
Description 15"BS-G3 15" Big Blue SS 3-Stage Water Purifier(1NPT)
  • Stainless Steel Bracket for 15" housing
  • Inlet/outlet: 1"
  • PP, CTO,GAC and Resin Filter are OPTIONAL

Water Filter Whole House

Inlet/outlet: 1"
Dimensions: 610 x 200 x 600mm
Cartridge: 4.5" X 15"

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