4 In One Shower Filter

Model No. A-181-5
Description 4 In One Shower Filter

Life Time: 6~8 months
Maximum Input Pressure: 125PSI
Maximum working temperature: Above 100℃
Original: Taiwan
Size: 171( L ) X 80 ( D ) X 80(H)mm

* It can remove Chlorine, THMs, VOCs, hazardous substances and eliminate heavy metals, odor within the water by 96% rejection rate.
* Protect skin, Improve skin's moisture and make your skin
* 100% Made in Taiwan


  1. Connect shower filter between faucet and shower tube
    * In order to prevent leakage, the washer must be properly placed inside female fitting before installation.
  2. Use shower adapter if installation space is limited.


  1. Due to the natural property of activated carbon, there will be black water in first-time use after installation.
  2. The operation pressure is 125 PSI