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  • 3/8" Leak Detector
3/8" Leak Detector
3/8" Leak Detector

Use for water leakage protection of household and commercial water treatment equipment. Helps prevent losses caused by water leakage by water treatment equipment.

Model No. C-264-24
Description 3/8" Leak Detector

※Product Specifications
Applicable water pressure: ≤1.5MPa
Applicable water temperature: 5~45℃
Outlet pressure: 0.25MPa±20%
Inlet and outlet diameter: 1/4” tube, 3/8”tube
Flow rate: ≥5L/min (1/4”, inlet pressure 0.1MPa)
≥15L/min (3/8”, inlet pressure 0.1MPa)

※Applicable environment
Temperature: 0~50°C
Humidity: <95%
Storage temperature: -20~80°C

Test under standard conditions (temperature 20±10°C, humidity 65±20%)

1. Water hammer resistance, 1.05 Pa water pressure, no leakage after 100,000 impacts.
2. Burst pressure
With a pressure increase rate not exceeding 0.4MPa/s, the water pressure reach 2.76MPa (or the specified pressure) within 70 seconds after the start of the test.
After reaching 2.76MPa, it is held for 5 seconds before relief pressure. During the test, the leak detector must not break or leak.

water leak detector

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