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  • 6 Stage CE Standard Reverse Osmosis Water System ( Adds 1G UV )
6 Stage CE Standard Reverse Osmosis Water System ( Adds 1G UV )
6-stage CE Standard RO ( Adds 1G UV )

6-stage Water filter with UV is suitable for both home use and business use. Aqua-Win is supplier for supplying water filter equipment for 30years. UV sterilizer helps removing harmful microbiological in water. Bacteria, fungi, viruses and cysts can be kill up to 99%. Water passes UV is safe to drink directly, this is because the UV-C lamp is placed in a quartz tube to kill bacteria, but filtered water do not contact with UV lamp directly.

Water filter with UV can be also used in aquarium. It helps cleaning green water in aquarium just in few days. Ultraviolet ray can prevent algae growing and helps aquarium keeps more clean and clear.

Model No. A-156-1
Description HY-4030-2  Typical 6-Stage RO System (No Pump) (Adds 1G Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer)
1st Stage --- 10”PP
2nd Stage ---10”UDF
3rd Stage --- 10”CTO
4th Stage --- King-Pro 50G RO Membrane
5th Stage --- Post in-line Carbon
5 micron 10" spun sediment filter x 1
6th Stage --- 1G Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer
3.2G NSF Standard Storage tank
Without pump
80G Membrane / 100G membrane /
Mineral Filter / Alkaline Filter / UV Sterilizer
Operation pressure: 50 -100 psi
Dimensions: Around (cm) 45 (L) x 26 (W) x 50(H) - RO System
  Around (cm) 28 (L) x 28 (W) x 38 (H) - Tank
Weight: Around 11 kgs - RO System
  Around 4 kgs - Tank
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