5 Stage Auto Flush Stand Type RO
Model No. A-106-3
Description HY-5036 Typical Standing 5-Stage RO System (Auto Flush Controller)
1st Stage --- 10”PP
2nd Stage ---10”UDF
3rd Stage --- 10”CTO
4th Stage --- King-Pro 50G Membrane
5th Stage --- Post in-line Carbon
3.2G NSF Standard Storage tank
80G Membrane / 100G membrane /
Mineral Filter / Alkaline Filter / UV Sterilizer
Cleaning RO-film regularly, HY-5036 can extend the lifetime of RO film. To save energy, HY-5036 detects water level automatically and the automatic power down system will be kicked off when insufficient water occurred. Patented joint, easy to replace, reduces leaking problems. The system includes ultra infrared ray processing system.
With a transformer, available in 110Volt, 220Volt
Operation pressure: 50 -80 psi
Dimensions: Around (cm) 40 (L) x 39 (W) x 59(H) - RO System
  Around (cm) 28 (L) x 28 (W) x 38 (H) - Tank
Weight: Around 15 kgs - RO System
  Around 4 kgs - Tank