3000 GPD/DAY Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
Model No. A-120-1
Description [HY-83000]3000GPD/DAY Commercial Reverse Osmosis System
110V/220V/60HZ/ Single-Phase 
Specification A. Pre-filtration 20” filters * 2 PCS
B. RO membrane is optional
C. RO vessel: SUS304 + PP cap - 4040 *2 PC
D. 2.5HP Vertical Pump(Made In Taiwan)
E. Stainless Steel 304 Stand Frame
*** The photo is only for reference, The final content of the packaging is subject to the actual shipment upon delivery. ***

MODEL # A-120-1
1st Stage --- 20" 5U PP Filters
2nd Stage ---20" 5U PP Filters
With 4040 RO Membrane * 2PCS