EZ Water Solenoid Valve / AC 110V 3/8" 3.5L/MIN

Application: mostly used to control the inlet and outlet of water. Widely used in water treatment systems, such as RO machine, UF machine, and so on.

Note: It is not recommended to put the CTO cartridge directly in front of the solenoid valve, cause the small powder of carbon would drop from the CTO thus cause the valve not function.

Model No. C-217-6
Description EZ Solenoid Valve / AC 110V  3/8" 3.5L/MIN
Standard Power: 4.8W
Insulation class: E class
Coil temperature rise: <75K
Working life: 100,000 times
Applicable water temperature: 5~45°C
Pipe interface: quick plug 3/8
Terminal: Insert 6.3*0.8
Applicable medium: tap water filtered through 10u filter
Flow rate: ≥3.5L/min (inlet pressure 0.1MPa)
Applicable voltage: DC12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, AC110V, 220V