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  • Fountain Type Cold/Warm Water Dispenser
Fountain Type Cold/Warm Water Dispenser
Drinking Water Fountain (ROOM/COLD) (Stainless Steel) (ONLY 220V)

stainless steel water fountain

Model No. A-164-11
Description AW-500A Fountain Type Cold/Warm Water Dispenser (5-Stage RO Built-In or 2 Stage Filtration is optional) (only 220V)
Capacity Cold 3L
Voltage 220V / 50~60Hz
Dimension W43cm x D32cm x H115cm
(Not Include Hooks)
Power consumption Cold 130W
Filter type (Optional) 1) Twist-In Disposable RO
2) 2 stage filtration(1st P.P sediment filter, 2nd Active carbon filter)

cold water fountain

Voltage: 220V
2-STAGE Water Filter Installed inside of Unit
Product Body: #304 Stainless Steel
Chilling Capacity:3 Liters

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