929CR (For 220V)
Stand Fountain (Ice/Warm/Hot)
Model No. A-132-9 ( For 220V )
Description 929CR Standing Plastic Water Fountain (Cold / Warm / Hot) 5-Stage RO System ( with Disposable Cartridge Filter) Inside of Unit
The water dispenser is sutiable for office, school or factory, where needs big volume of water
Size: (L)380 x (W)420 x (H)1140 mm
Hot Water Temp: 85oC ~ 100oC
Cold Water Temp: 4oC
Double secure prevents from overheat or dry-heat (by sensor and thermostat)
Double secure against water overflow (by sensor and floating valve)
Automatic control for purified water refill
Chilling system by compressor with R-134R refrigerant
Chilling capacity: 5.5L/hour, chilled water under 10 degree C
Each hot, ambient and chilled water has its own individual tank
Heating capacity: 5.5L/hour. Hot water dispenser can be assigned (at 82oC , 85oC , or 90oC)
Hot water tap with safety device
Re-boil function up to 100oC
Capacity of each tank: 4L/cold tank, 3L/hot tank, 10L/room tank
Reservoir tank: 17 L

Voltage: 220V ~240V