5.5GAL Horizontal Type Steel Tank (1/2" BSP)

Model No. C-107-1
Description 5.5GAL Horizontal Type Steel Tank (1/2" BSP)
Dimension: 44.2cm(length) x 29.4cm(height) x 15.1cm(base)
Wight: 5.5KG
Inlet/Outlet: 3/4”NPT
Capacity: 20L (5.3Gal)
Max working pressure: 10 bar
Max working pressure: 75°C
● Diaphragm design to stabilize water pressure
● Use high-density synthetic butyl rubber as the material of the rubber diaphragm
● 304 Stainless steel material for inlet & outlet
● Use "nozzle cap" and "O-ring" to protect air valve and avoid air leakage
● Passes NSF 58 & CE Certification
● Pressure tank use with pressurization pumps, use compressed air in the tank to store water, provides stable water pressure to pipeline system to prevent pump working too frequently and prolonging the service life of the pump. When the air pressure is pre-injected, the air chamber is equivalent as the shock absorber of the car, which can protect the pipeline and the booster pump.
● An equipment use with pumps, as it could replace the installation of water tower at roof. It closed pressurization system can avoid the risk of being contaminated by dust, bacteria in the air or bird feces. Besides, water towers placed in high places usually require multi-line pressure systems to reach different places, while the pressure tank only needs a single pipeline to reach required places.