UV SYSTEM BALLAST 24W~39W 110V/220V (FOR 4G/6G/12G/24G)

An class P electronic ballast is a device which controls the starting voltage and the operating currents of lighting devices. The model BT-2039WB can be use with UV sterilizer for 110V and 220V.

Electronic Ballasts, Class P

Model No. C-166
Description UV SYSTEM BALLAST 24W~39W 110V/220V (FOR 4G/6G/12G/24G)

Electronic Ballast-Program Rapid Start
Model: ESS-A39T5UV 24W~39W
120 to 277VOLTS-50/60HZ
For 4G/6G/12G/24G UV
Ballast: 24W~39W
Voltage: 110V/220V


  • 0.36A/120V
  • 0.16A/277V
  • Type 1 Outdoor
  • High Power Factor
  • Class P


  • For use with one 39W.32W.24W UV lamp
  • Open Circuit Voltage 600V max.
  • Min starting temp 0℃
  • Sound rating A
  • Type HL

4G/6G/12G/24G UV Ballast (Single Top 4 Pins)
Ballast: 24~39W
Voltage: 110V/220V