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  • Salt tablets (For Water Softener)
Salt tablets (For Water Softener)
Salt tablet For Water Softener(10kg/bag)


salt tablet

Model No. C-275-25
Product Name Salt tablet For Water Softener(10kg/bag)

Size: Diameter2cm*Height1.5cm
NaCl ≧99.8%
Crashed <2%
Storage : Please keep in cool and dry place.
Shelf life: 3years
Packing: 10kg/bag
Certification: Passes SGS heavy metal test

Application range
- Household
-Industrial Use
- Business field
-Water treatment field

  • Good restore effect with high sodium chloride
  • No other impurities, keep brine tank clean always
  • 100% dissolve in water without lumps; reduce salt usage
  • Maintain quality of soften water
  • Ideal size, suitable for different brand of water softener

 salt tablet

water softener salt tablet

Barium (Ba): ≤0.01ppm
Cadmium (Cd): ≤0.01ppm
Mercury (Hg): ≤0.01ppm
Chromium (Cr):≤0.01ppm
Nickel (Ni): ≤0.01ppm
Antimony (Sb):≤0.01ppm
Lead (Pb): ≤0.01ppm

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