1GPM Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer (6W)(110V) CE Approval (2 Pins 2 Sides)

UV Assembly & Maintenance ( 1G ~ 24G )

UVC Lighting

Model No. A-140-4 (For 110V)
Description 1G UV Water Sterilizer ( 110V )

1. Flow rate: Clean water: 0.5 Gpm/2.0Lpm,
    DI, R.O.water:1.0Gpm/4.0Lpm
2. Voltage: 100~120V,220~240V, 50/60 Hz
3. UV germicidal lamp: 6W x 1 (Model:UVC-L212T5)
4. Ballast: C-161-2 BT-06B 6W x 1
5. Dimension: 50.5 x 260mm
6. Inlet / outlet size: 1/4 inch NPT
7. Max. working pressure: 120 PSI
8. Chamber/housing: 304 stainless steel
9. Quartz sleeve: Model No. SQ230238S
10. Lamp failure warning system: LED indicator
11. Lamp average life: 5,000hrs
12. UV sterilizer can effectively reduce Total Organic Compounds (TOCs)
13. UVC BRIGHT Disinfection / Ultraviolet


About UV Disinfection Systems

UV disinfection systems let the maximum amount of UV rays to sterilize the water and penetrate the protecting quartz sleeve. UV disinfection systems have a very stable construction, no harmful chemicals or by-products and comes with high quality quartz tube, high-performance lamps. These compact units require minimum space and simple installation. This compact design and economical treatment is for low flow and medium flow applications.

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Ballast: 6W
Inlet / outlet size: 1/4 inch NPT